Our cottage was on the market for a few years with 2 different real estate brokers…The first one never brought in a single offer.  The second did bring offers and every time we thought  it was finally going to be sold, we would  get a call  that  something went wrong at the end.  Truth is, she just couldn’t close! Very nice lady but could not make a deal happen!  She kept telling me how we need to bring the price down, we need to fix up the place…basically it was always something on our end and even though we did bring the price down to exactly the price she had said and did very nice renovations, she just could not close a deal!
Then one day,  I saw an ad of Linda Minotti and decided to call when my contract with the other broker was finished.  Linda answered and told me exactly how much we needed to list it for and that the rest was her territory, she would sell it.  Within 3 months  the property was sold! No ifs, no buts! I was seriously impressed!
Thank you Linda, you really mastered your trade!
Tara Wais
Par Jean Côté